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It's snowing!

OK, so in a really minor, rubbish way. And the forecast is for rain. And snow never settles in London. And (as [ profile] feanelwa pointed out yesterday) snow is the last thing you want if you're on crutches.

But dammit, I like snow.

Although it might have stopped in the time it's taken me to post this :)
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It's snowing!

I mean, it's rubbish, thin, wet snow. And it's not settling. And the world looks dank rather than pretty. And I have to go out in the cold shortly.

But snow! I love snow.

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Mostly what I have learned this week is that you lot are much more into jam jars than you are gig reviews. Still, I shall press on :)

Helen Love @ The Lexington )

Getting chilled to the bone on the stupid bus home )
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How's your weather today? Are you OK?

[Poll #1852211]

Take care, you folks up in the north of England...
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Historically, I had a very hardline policy on reformed bands. Notably: don't.

If a band split up, it was probably for good reasons. If they subsequently got back together and went on tour, it was probably for bad reasons. It was probably for £££ and liable to be devoid of artistic merit.

I can't really remember what originally caused me to deviate from this, but deviate I have done. Many of the defunct bands whose music I like have been reforming, and I'm afraid sentiment has triumphed over principles. I went to see the Pixies when they started touring again, and last year I cheerfully partied to Pulp as if "let's all meet up in the year 2000" were still a sensible thing to say. Numerous smaller bands - like Ultrasound, yay, Ultrasound - have also lured me in.

Which is why I'm off to Manchester )
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This drought we're having in the south-east: it's very... damp.
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Recently, a colleague who comes from a family of meteorologists has been explaining to me how the only reliable weather forecaster is the Met Office. People like the BBC lift their forecasts directly from the Met Office's predictions. Metcheck, he tells me, get their data from the Met Office, but use their own models and are unreliable.

I actually think Metcheck is more reliable than the the Met Office. On Sunday night, having seen the TV weather forecast, we hastily changed our plans and on Monday we fled south before the threatened snow arrived. The Met Office said snow, snow, snow. Metcheck said pshaw, just a bit of rain.

An sms from the mother this morning confirms that Metcheck was indeed correct. Bother.

Anyway, I'm ignoring meteorologicalTim for now and trusting Metcheck.

Which makes me quite scared about what's going to happen on Wednesday... )
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Gosh. It's cold.

Yesterday morning, the car thermometer was reading -8.

Unexpected consequences )
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Following this morning's drenching, the weather perked up and Reading has been all blue skies and bright sunshine today.

As the end of the working day approaches, greal piles of black cloud have come rolling into view. Looking out the window, I would definitely say it bodes.

Reading, I'm starting to take this personally.
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Bored of sunshine ? Don't worry, I'm about to head to Glastonbury so it'll start tipping it down any minute. Expect ridiculously verbose updates upon my return (but not during, as I can't be bothered with all this phone-charging nonsense in a field, so will not be online until I'm back. I might twitter occasionally, but since sms_to_lj seems to have stopped working I'm not sure how to update here by phone any more).

On account of being in a field, I won't be furnishing you all with a cover on Friday. Those who need musical inspiration could try instead listening to Worthy FM.

[ profile] brrm, I don't know if you saw my message - I'll hang around in TAFKAJazzWorld at tea-time on Thursday in case :)
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My snow's here! I'm not sure if it's Coventry snow sent by [ profile] mrph. I hope it's not Cambridge snow, because [ profile] cocacolasurfer will be sending me an invoice if it is :(
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Humph. London's got some. Darlington's got some. Cambridge's got some.

Where's my snow ?
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Oh for heaven's sake. It's raining again

At this rate, I feel we should all be much more worried about the need for an ark than about anything a bunch of whitecoats are getting up to in Cern.
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The BBC has just reminded me that it's twenty years today since the "Great Storm" in 1987. Among people my age - old enough to rember it, not really old enough to appreciate that it was more than a spot of run-of-the-mill bad weather - I suspect it's most commonly remembered as the storm which arrived in defiance of Michael Fish's jocular remarks that there was no need to worry. That he didn't really say that is largely irrelevant, of course; some stories are too big to be squashed by their own fallacy.

On the night of the Great Storm I was camping in a tent. Fortunately, only in a friend's back garden. We were determined to stay there - she had 50p riding on it, as her brother had bet we would wuss out even before the weather worsened. Her mother became increasingly determined as the night wore on that we were coming in the house. Her mother won, and I still remember being surprised the following morning by the wreckage of the garden: the large, heavy camping stove we'd cooked on the night before thrown across the lawn and the tent demolished.

I don't think the north got it nearly as badly as the south east did. Anyone else have any particular memories of it ?


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