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Today, I am supposed to be reviewing a colleague's pull request[*]. Multiple thousands of lines of Node.js and extremely Promise-heavy Javascript.

I don't really know Javascript. I've never used Node. I haven't done any aysnc programming in about 15 years. So when I say "reviewing", I really mean "learning a bunch of stuff from scratch in the hope of having the least clue what it's all about".

And the worst part? Earwormed by bloody Big Fun :(

[*] A "pull request" is some quantity of new computer code, which someone has submitted for potential inclusion in our Grand Bucket o' Code.
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Things only geeks find funny:

The office I work in on Wednesdays is in a serviced block run by a company called Pure.

I recently discovered they offer virtual offices.
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(Geeky) Note to self:

You're using a Windows editor. Ctrl-X Ctrl-S does not do what you want.

It looks like it did what you want.

In fact, it did do the thing you wanted. It just deleted an arbitrary line of text before it did it.

The net result of this can be disastrous.

Stop doing it!
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Last night, ChrisC idly asked me why, on Twitter, hashtags are called hashtags.

Simple, I said, because they start with a #.

But, he said, they're called hashtags in the US, where the # is known as a pound sign.

I have a vague idea that # is sometimes called a pound sign; it's always struck me as a bit odd. I've always assumed it was related to the days when character sets were limited and it was used in place of £.

But of course they're hashtags. After all, they may call it a pound sign, but they don't pronounce it "pound".

But, said ChrisC, they do. In particular, in the US, C programmers talk about "pound defines".

Note for non-geeks )

Note for geeks )

Pound defines?

Yes, he says. And pound includes. And pound ifs. And so on.

This is madness. Why wasn't I told? And can they be made to stop it?

And does anyone know why our American friends don't talk of poundtags?
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Today I have an unusual variation on The Monday Problem )
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Note to self:

3 + 8 << 2

is not the same as

3 + (8 << 2)

That's an hour you just spent tracking down a bug based on a mistake you've made several times before.

Yes, I know, brackets. Normally I'm assiduous about brackets. But for short lines like, say,

3 + 8*2

I actually think they detract from readability.

I'm sure there are sound reasons why shift has precedence over addition in C, but I find it counter-intuitive in the extreme.

Maybe a nice dose of online mockery will help me remember in the future :(

Note to non-geeks:
Don't worry, not much to see here. I made a school-boy error.
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Help me, interwebs, you're my only hope...

Microsoft Update broke my .NET code...  )

Update: Solved )
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A quick question for Visual Studio users (with an ancillary part for anyone who writes C/C++/possibly Java/possibly others). Throughout the following, I mean {} or () by "brackets" :)

Is there an option anywhere in Visual Studio which I can set which means that when I highlight/hover over a bracket, it will in some way highlight or indicate its matching friend ? Yes, I know when you first close your brackets they're in bold text, but that goes away as soon as you start typing something else.

I just asked a VS user here, and he (a) had no idea and (b) seemed baffled I'd want that. Now, up until this recent enforced flirtation with VS I've written C/C++ exclusively in Emacs. Which allows you to set all kinds of different manners of highlighting for brackets. I find it phenomenally useful and am currently boggled that any serious text editor intended for programming doesn't offer this.

So... is this a reasonable thing to want to, or a strange quirk of mine bred by too much use of Emacs ? And, more importantly, can I make VS do it ?

Irrelevantly, just because I want to know:

[Poll #1028846]


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