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So yesterday, at a gig, I discovered that my last LJ post tagged "gig" was January 2016. Err... Last year was a weird one, on account of not being able to walk for much of it, but I managed more gigs than that. I think my post-fu has been weak.

So! I'm attempting to lurch back into it. Not least because I won't have the least what bands I've seen otherwise.

So, to Whitby to see the Goths! )
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So, about a fortnight ago I said "proper review of Whitby soon". That was patently a lie. However, for the sake of my my own future self's memory, I'm going to press on and write some drivel about it. You are welcome to read it if you wish :)
Thursday )

Friday )

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Monday )

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Last Friday, in Whitby[*] I ambled into the Spa to get my wristband. Passing Dr Geof's excellent stall of oddities I was inveigled into having one of his tattoos.

Tea-too )

In summary, Dr Geof's tattoos are bloody good. Just be sure you block some time in your diary for getting them off again.

[*] Proper review of Whitby soon.

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Ha! I am stuck in a traffic jam on the way home from Whitby. I'd just dropped [ profile] davefish off at his workplace when the M1 ground to a complete halt. Handbrake on, then phone out, then engine off.

But I have just discovered that, when I packed the 4G Wi-Fi dongle we've been using this weekend in our cottage, I didn't turn it off. It's sitting in a bag in the boot, providing me with a decent internet connection.

All traffic jams should have Wi-Fi :)

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Argh. Blogging has fallen out of the to-do list again. I went off to Whitby, like I do in April, and forgot to write about it. This time it was a double-length affair to celebrate the festival's 21st birthday.

Today I've been trying to produce the sensible, grown-up reviews which I (along with [ profile] mrph) promised to [ profile] davefish for some mysterious web project of his. Sadly, it's a long time since I've tried to write sensible, grown-up reviews and I've left it too long. (Also, I made notes only on opinions, assuming I'd be able to look up details like line-up after the fact. Bloody hell, bands write a lot of crap about themselves, but rarely give you the actual facts. One band had a Wikipedia page (I checked!) when I was in Whitby, but now does not. Bloody disappearing curated free encyclopediae with standards.)

Anyway, for my own reference in future, here is a table in hyper-abbreviated form:

Review Table. Not printable. )

The list of text messages I sent and received in Whitby seems to divide neatly into two categories. First, logical information indicating which pub, cake shop or location someone was or was not in. Second, non-sequiturs about cheese.

This probably sums up the weekend quite well.
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As mentioned, I'm suffering dreadful LJ backlog. One of the things I'm keen to note down for my own future reference is the bands at WGW this year. So...

Anyone interested can watch the "band sampler" released on YouTube before the event here.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

And that's it. April next year is the 21st anniversary, and is a double-length affair featuring four nights of bands. All you lot who don't do that kind of WGW thing any more, why don't you think about it? It'd be nice to see you :)
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Wait, what, it's August and Venta hasn't been to a folk festival in Whitby?

Of course I have, I just haven't found time to write it up here. Regular readers may assume that it was quite a lot like last year. Only a lot, lot windier. Dance displays at Capt. Cook's monument were all about trying not to get blown off the cliff and out to sea.

Unexpectedly, we managed a whole four days of dancing without injuring anyone seriously (unlike the Wallingford festival this weekend where our very first dance failed so badly someone ended up concussed).

However, as anyone who's ever been to any kind of festival knows, it's not a terribly restful sort of a holiday. Since getting back, I've mostly been either at work, asleep, or one-but-wishing-I-was-the-other.

Normal service will be attempted shortly. (This is also the first entry I've attempted on a phone, so humorous typos are Swype's fault. Anyone know a decent Android app for LJ?)
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It's that time of year again. At least, it's one of the many times of year when I bugger off to Whitby. This one was goth flavour.

Friday. No cheese at all. )

Friday's bands )

Saturday. Just enough cheese. )

Saturday's bands )

Sunday. Too much cheese. )

Still, in summary: brief but fun, good company as always, some decent bands.

footnotes )
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I'm going to post about Whitby before I post about holidaying in Northumberland, because there's a greater danger I'll forget who the bands were. Also, this LJ is chronically non-chronological these days. I mean, the dairy-free custard tarts were weeks ago now and I still haven't written about them...

So, to Whitby! )
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I'm back. I don't know if you missed me :)

I've been (in order) to Scotland for a baby's first birthday party, to Northumberland for a holiday, and to Whitby for a goth weekend. I now have a massive pile of photos to sort through, and a lot of black laundry.

How's everyone doing this day-that-feels-like-Monday-to-me?
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So, at the end of August I ran away to Whitby for the folk festival (again). I've written about it here before, and... well... much the same sort of stuff happened. I did some dancing, some playing music, some listening to music, some drinking, some eating and lots of catching up with friends.

Flash clog dancing, the generalised idiocy of rapper teams, and a surprise from Coventry )
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A little bit of loose-end tidying I forgot the other day: Following discussion of the Peanut Butter Heresy a while back, [ profile] ringbark insisted I should try Reese's Pieces.

While I was in Whitby, I popped into one of the look-massive-jars sweetshops on the East side ([ profile] keris made me) and discovered they also had a bunch of American import sweets. I don't wish to give the impression that I'll follow any instruction issued on the internet by a person I have never met[*] but I immediately purchased a packet.

They are indeed like Smarties to look at, though in line with Reese's branding they only come in orange, yellow and brown. Instead of having chocolate insides, they are filled with massively oversweetened peanut butter.

And do you know what? They're bloody marvellous. I didn't read the nutritional information on the packet because I figured it would be terrifying. And having them for breakfast on Monday was probably a mistake.

But I concede that Ringbark is completely correct, they are way better than the peanut-butter cup things.

[*] I mean, it's pretty much true, but I don't wish to give that impression :)
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So, another Spring, another Whitby Goth Weekend...

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Elephants, Geodes and Poncing )
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The more observant may notice that I am not in Whitby. This is because I was far too excited about going to see Frank Turner at the Kentish Town Forum this evening.

I shall spend quite a lot of tomorrow galloping up the A1.

Although I'm a bit confused about how to do WGW these days. Once upon a time I knew about a million people there, and since they were all in the Elsinore all the time, it was dead easy to catch up.

These days, lots of people have stopped attending. And the people who are there probably aren't using LJ any more, so I don't know that they're there. And even if I do know, they're probably exercising free-will and being in one of any number of pubs at any given time. So I can't find them.

Yes, yes, I know people have phones[*] these days. Trouble is, there's lots of people whom I don't necessarily know all that well, so wouldn't contact them to demand social engagement. But if I ran into them, I might stop and have a pint.

So... er... yes. If you're going to be there, do endeavour to run into me. We can have a pint! (Other beverages are probably available.)

[*] On which note, I shall endeavour to actually bring mine with me this time.
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And so, to Whitby once more. Because I like a challenge, I left my phone at home and decided instead to rely on serendipity and my psychic powers to find people and, indeed, locate the extremely well-hidden house I was sharing with [ profile] davefish, [ profile] keris, [ profile] ceb and [ profile] damerell.

(This is not true, of course. I left it behind by mistake. I'm not quite sure how far away from London I'd have to be before I decided it wasn't worth going back for my phone, but can provide as a data-point that north of Coventry is too far.)

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )
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I was away up in Whitby last weekend, playing with all the little gothlings. As well as my usual Spa-ing partners, [ profile] keris and [ profile] davefish, I was sharing a house with [ profile] ceb, [ profile] damerell, [ profile] waylay and Ian (WIVPOLJ). In my new-found capacity as Goddess of Domestic Disasters[*] I managed to cause one of the showers to leak into the kitchen and the dishwasher to blow a fuse within the first day or so.

With a few exceptions, I didn't do a very good job of catching up with people this weekend, so the rest of my write-up is all about the bands )
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Every year I have grand intentions of blogging about Whitby Folk Week, and every year I fail because while I'm there I'm too busy running about and dancing and drinking.

I usually then also fail to write it up proper after the fact, because it's usually a bizarre mixture of the surreal and the exactly-like-the-previous-34-festivals and I'm not sure where to start. So I don't.

Instead, this year, I think I'll attempt to write about some isolated incidents (where "some" may end up being "one"). So...

God speed the plough! )
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Been to Whitby for the goth weekend again...

Bands )

Cake )

People )
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The one-size-fits-nobody time-saving WGW reviewinator:

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