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So, ages ago I invited people to name me the ten most famous statues in the world. From that, we could deduce what the ten most famous statues actually were, and people who got the most right (and got the fewest obscure ones along the way) could feel massively superior.

I've been a bit too busy to faff about adding up the answers (LJ poll results are really not in the most helpful of formats). But [ profile] vicarage politely requested the results, and last night my bus was stuck in a traffic jam for ages, so I managed to tot up the scores and write the below.

The Internet’s top ten )

Our top ten )

The scores! )

Miscellaneous thoughts on statues )
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G'morning, LJ. Shall we play a game? It's been a while...

At our Sunday night pub quiz the picture round was on statues - so we did considerably better than we do on the usual sporting personalities and C-list celebrities.

Googling (afterwards, of course!) for "famous statues" I found that the ten pictures were, according to one site's list, the ten most famous monuments in the world. However, there were still two statues that none of us recognised at all.

But it made me think: what are the most famous statues in the world?

Let’s find out, in the most scientific manner... )
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While eating my breakfast this morning, I read a letter from the mother. She keeps this up weekly, despite me having been an atrocious return correspondent for the past year, which is lovely of her.

Anyway, she appears to have been eating mince pies, trundling round stately homes ogling Christmas decorations, going on lovely frosty walks and flash-mobbing shopping centres with carols.

Frankly, I'm jealous. I have been working, organising rapper things, and generally trying to keep on top of ordinary life. It is not even beginning to feel a little bit like Christmas.

In an attempt to fabricate some Christmas cheer, I invite you to join in:

The Christmas Tradition Exchange )

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Well... it's a long time since we've had a Friday t-shirt amnesty, isn't it? So, tell me what you're wearing...

I appreciate that these days, lots of people are too grown-up, professional or oppressed by their employers to be wearing t-shirts on Fridays. Some of you may be none of those things, but choose not to wear t-shirts. So I'll settle for whatever it is you're wearing on your top half.

I've got my beautiful, brand new Hedingham Fair silver, gold and black "Three Ravens" t-shirt on.

Now, I was going to (a) link to a picture of my t-shirt on their website and (b) recommend Hedingham Fair, but their website turns out to be really horrible to use. Everything's there, but very hard to find (mostly due to rather non-orthogonal classification). Also, the Three Ravens design is new and doesn't seem to have made it up there yet. Or into their catalogue. You'll just have to trust me that it's beautiful.

Anyway! Horrible website notwithstanding, Hedingham Fair sell some lovely things. T-shirts with folky customs, instruments or pagan designs on them plus a wide variety of other stuff. Possibly of interest to some of you is that in addition to a large selection of Christmas cards they sell cards for Yule, the Winter Solstice, Imbolc... all manner of things. Plus birthdays, and blank-for-your-message, and so on.

They're worth checking out. If the website is a bit un-navigable, try downloading their catalogue. Or you could go and find them at a festival.
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Yesterday, I invited people to play Be Surprised By The Price of Confectionery. And many of you did, thank you.

The Answers, or Your Chance To Be Surprised )
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Shall we play a game?

It's called Be Surprised By The Price of Confectionery )
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Hello LJ. Are you looking for a way to waste time today?

You are?

Excellent, click here! )
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A quick - and perhaps not very good - game for a Friday afternoon. This is a challenge that (for no very good reason) I set myself last night:

Can you think of a band-name which consists of five or more words?


- You can't count a leading 'the'.
- Names of the form 'N and the Ms' don't count; names containing 'and' are disallowed if it is used to link two concepts together. Four Poofs And A Piano (disappointingly) don't count.
- It must be a real band, with "proper" evidence of its existence. Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead is a bloody marvellous band-name, but I'm not yet 100% convinced that they ever really existed for any purpose other than having a great name.
- Must be the band's usual name. The more bizarre flights of fancy occasionally used by the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band probably don't count.
- Preferably not a descriptive name (eg Royal College of Music Baroque Orchestra). I can't come up with a good rule to cover this, it's... just a bit dull as an answer.
- Probably other constraints which I will make up capriciously on the spur of the moment.

I was surprised to find I could only think of three (though I have come up with a fourth while writing this, although I know nowt about them beyond [ profile] d_floorlandmine liking them...)
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Attention, procrastinators!

This simple flash game:

is surprisingly fun.
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Those of you who know me will not be surprised to learn that I'm now taking more of an interest in the coroner's inquest into the shooting of Mark Saunders than might be expected.

A week ago, one of the firearms officers was accused of hiding song titles in the evidence he gave to the coroner.

Always have a quotation to hand. It saves original thinking. )
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Thanks to [ profile] j4's recent post, I know now that there is a thing called Google Scribe. Which tries to second guess you as you type.

If you put in one word, then just begin accepting every auto-completion it offers you by hitting 'return', it generates rubbish )
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There's a very sad article this morning: the recession is really hitting the music industry badly. Bands are having to drastically scale back their names in order to keep down touring costs.

Obviously the worst hit are the smaller bands of today, or bands whose career peak is long past. The article I read mentioned Vampire Saturday Afternoon, Primal Whimper, The Stone Carnations, Belligerent Femmes and Avenge Twice. But even the big boys like U1½ and Coolplay are having to make savings.

Some bands are really struggling, of course. British Sea Power's last tour flopped totally, because the posters advertising concerts by A Couple of Dinghies Off Dover didn't appeal to anyone. Black Box Recorder's promised new album failed to materialise because they just couldn't face recording as The Pilot's Old Notebooks.

Has anyone else heard about this, or know any bands which have been affected?
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Well... every so often I spit out a lyrics quiz. But I thought for a change we'd have a poetry quiz.

Disclaimer: my taste in poems runs towards the old-fashioned and I've tried to stick to poems I expect to be well-known. This quiz is drawn from things which spring immediately to my mind, which mostly means things I learned by heart when I was little. [ profile] exspelunca is not barred from entering, but she is barred from winning on the grounds she has an unfair advantage, having taught me most of them :)

I've humoured your crackedest whim )
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It is thirteen minutes past five, and I arbitrarily declare it to be time for a round of Edible Film Club.

Full Metal Jacket Potato! Twelve Angry Ramen! Fantastic Mr Fox's Glacier Mint!

Hit me with your worst...
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Having just read a post on the XKCD blag which mentioned the drug Vicodin, I've been trying to remember the lyrics to Queens of the Stone Age's Feelgood Hit of the Summer (which also contain Vicodin). Yes, I can google for the lyrics, but right now I'm trying to tease the information out of the back of my brain.

"Something, something, Vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol."

Unfortunately, my somewhat morning brain is supplying me with:

"Antimony, arsenic, aluminum... Vicodin, marijuana..."

What a great bootleg that would make.
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Not the kind of thing I usually go in for, but let's give it a whirl: idea stolen from [ profile] tooth_fairy.

You comment here. I pay you a compliment.

The first rule is that you must accept the compliment. No trying to wiggle out of it.

The second rule is really more of a suggestion: If you see someone you know in the comments, it'd be awfully nice if you paid them a compliment, too. This is optional, of course. But it would be nice.

Edit: I'm at work, I'm quite busy. So I might not get round to answering for a while. This isn't because I'm thinking holy crap, how do I say something nice about that total failure who just commented ;)
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OK, at the request of [ profile] keris... it's the:

Friday T-shirt Amnesty!

Tell us about the t-shirt you're wearing.

Mine today is black, and has a cartoon cat-face on it. It says "Bad Cat" on the front in small letters, and has claw-marks drawn across the back.
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OK, as promised last week following the lyrics quiz: more on (She Don't Use) Jelly.

Here's the version of it which I know:

Drugstore - (She Don't Use) Jelly

If you fancy joining in a silly game, then listen to it before reading on.

Yeah, I'm looking to waste some time )
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So, Friday's lyrics quiz: Here be answers )

High score accolades go to:

[ profile] undyingking with 16, [ profile] davefish with 15, and [ profile] valkyriekaren and [ profile] bluedevi both with 14. Possibly also [ profile] bibliogirl (with 18) but she mentioned using google, which I feel is implicitly banned in quizzes :) Every question was answered by at least one person.

Thanks all.
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Friday ? Time for a silly quiz. This poses as a series of cryptic questions, but is really a thinly disguised lyrics quiz. I don't need artists or songnames, just answer the questions.

Sure, I'm not going anything useful today anyway. )

I'm not sure how hard this is likely to be. Some of the songs are quite obscure, some aren't. I've tried to include some dead-easy ones, but these things never seem to come out how I expect.

I can't rule out that there might be some ambiguous questions: if the lyrics for your answer are online, and if I - in my my ultimate, arbitrary and easily-bought wisdom - rule that your answer is as good as mine, you can have your points.

Comments are screened, leave your answers below.


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