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A millennium or so ago I asked you all to vote on the entries for the photo competition. Which lots of you did. Thank you.

As votes were posted, it rapidly became apparent that it was going to be a two-horse race. The two horses were a botanical garden rainbow and a market rainbow.

The more observant of you may note that both those rainbows were taken by the same entity, a mysterious being called Andie-and-Roo. Which made it something of a one-horse race, really, even though the horse is made of two people.

Accordingly, if very belatedly, Andie-and-Roo is declared to be the photo competition winner. I sent it its prize by special courier (well, [ profile] hendybear, actually) at the weekend. So it should complain loudly if it didn't get it.
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Right, folks. Voting time for those rainbows...

The photo competition has finally staggered past its deadline, and the entries are listed on that page. Have a look, and let me know whose rainbow you think is best. No complicated rules this time - though feel free to suggest individual photos of particular merit as well as a winning rainbow.

Either mail your votes to me, or leave a comment here (comments are screened).


I haven't had time to look at all the entries myself yet, so have no idea whether the links work, or actually point at a rainbow of photos, or anything useful.

I'm not sure what names people wanted their entries to be listed under (full name, first name only, nickname, etc). If you don't like what I've done with your name, let me know ASAP.

If you're one of the people whose photos I'm hosting, then feel free to send me revised html/suggestions if you don't like how I've laid your page out. (Well, layout is a strong term. Maybe mail me if you don't like the lack of layout.)

And yes, before anyone points it out, I know my indigo's questionable.
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Well, the deadline for the photo competition is tomorrow. At present, there are two entries posted up; I'll add the rest when I get back after the weekend.

Except... "the rest" is currently a big fat zero number of entries. Come on, you people who said you were "nearly finished" in June. Where are you ?
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I am rubbish. This will not be news to some of you.

However, about a million years ago, I proposed a photo competition. People asked for the deadline to be extended, then I lost my job and forgot all about it. [ profile] erming prodded me about it recently, but I've not done a very good job of reminding people.

Accordingly: all of you! Look! There's a Photo Competition on and you can all join in playing.

Oh, go on. It'll be fun.
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So, a while back I proposed a photo competition:

Then I forgot about it. Or, rather, life got in the way.

Notionally, the deadline was next week. I'm not ready. Are you ?

Are you still interested ?

[Poll #991175]
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So, the clocks have gone back. Evenings are getting lighter, spring has sprung and the world's starting to wake up. Which can only mean one thing. It's that time of year again.

Yup, time for another Photo Challenge. Usual sorts of rules apply. Add yourself onto the list below if you want nagging - closing date 1st June.

[Poll #954426]

Irrelevantly, Pintwatch would like to recommend the Badger Brewery's "Fursty Ferret", as sold by the bottle in Tesco.
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Right, I've got five spare minutes. I'll tot up the votes people cast for the photo competition.

<does sums>

<does sums right>


Drum roll, please )
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Well, this evening I was intending to put the entries for the photo competition online.

And indeed I have done, but not before a good deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth had been indulged in. Part of that was due to me burning my nice stuffed aubergines[*], but most of it was caused by the discovery that some of my own entries for the competition are... still in the camera. Not just undownloaded, but trapped - trapped, I tell you - on a tiny little roll of celluloid. Bother.


People's photographs are now listed, and available for your expert perusal. Expert, of course, because you - yes you - are the judge.

I had been planning to group the photos onto a page for each category, but too many categories have too few entries[**]. So instead, you are invited to browse around people's collections and nominate:

- your top three photographs (judged on them just being jolly nice pictures)
- your top three interpretations (judged on the picture fitting the lyric it represents)

Nominations should be emailed to me (venta at livejournal dot com) as and when you feel like it. I'll warn before I call time on the judging.

Anyone else is welcome to vote on the pictures, regardless of whether they've been playing up til now or not. The more the merrier.

[*] As may have been evident to [ profile] liriselei when he came to the door. He certainly looked pretty scared when I offered him one.
[**] I accept partial responsibility for this - many people have grumbled to me that the categories were too hard/too longwinded/too rubbish.[***]
[***] Why yes, since you ask, I do have another idea for a new competition, should anyone care, and it's much simpler.


May. 3rd, 2006 09:07 am
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Photo Competition. Yes, I know :)

Tomorrow evening will the first time LJ and I have any quality time together, so the entries will be put up for perusal then.

Any last minute entries can squeak in in the next 36 hours or so.
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By the way:

Photo Competition.

Extended deadline nearly over (May 1st).

Get on with it.
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Since a few people are interested in getting round to taking pictures, the competition gets its deadline extended to May 1st.

Remember, entering just one photo is quite acceptable if that's all you've got the time/inclination for.
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Saturday was the deadline for the photo competition. And, I have to say, entries have this time not exactly been pouring in. Full marks to those who have sent me one or more photos, a conciliatory nod to those who provided notes from their mums (or similar) explaining why they wouldn't be entering, and to the rest... where are you ?

Honestly, people whine for months that they want another competition, then don't submit any pictures. So:

[Poll #703169]


Mar. 13th, 2006 09:05 pm
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As you might remember, a little while ago I proposed a photo competition.

The deadline was set at April 1st, so if you want to enter some photos, get yer skates on.

If you're convinced that you could produce works of utter genius if only you didn't have to do it all in a fortnight, let me know. If a sufficiently large number of people have been disorganised, I'll push the deadline back a little.


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