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Thanks to ChrisC for pointing out to me that it was the fiftieth anniversary of Aberfan today. Actually, what he said was "do you know anything about Aberfan?"

Yes. )
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A colleague just wandered past with an extremely fancy box of chocolates (agency gift, I think) and offered me one. I chose one that looked like a little tiny barrel.

(There was a legend available, to tell me which was which. But it was very long, and I decided to go for pot luck instead.)

I bit into it... and was extremely surprised to find some sort of liqueur chocolate ganache. That's not right. Little chocolate barrels contain caramel. That is the rule.

Isn't it? Should it be?

I mean, everyone knows salt and vinegar crisps go in blue bags, but Walkers has been openly flouting that for years. Is it reasonable to assume that little chocolate barrels contain caramel, or was I just born in an era where Cadbury's Roses were the height of sophistication?
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Today, as anyone who wakes up listening to 6music will know, is Wear Your Old Band T-shirt To Work Day.

So I am )

Anyone else?

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The weekend before last, I was seized with a sudden whim to have treacle pudding[*] to follow Sunday dinner. Although I'm sure I've been involved in pudding-making with the mother, I think I mostly did the fancy string-and-greaseproof-paper part at the end rather than actual cooking, so didn't have a favourite recipe.

The BBC is usually a good bet, so I took this recipe as a starting point. The executive summary is: put treacle in pudding bowl, top with 4/4/8 sponge mixture, do the fancy string-and-greaseproof-paper part (instructions in recipe), and steam for a couple of hours. Sorted.

Pudding! )

[*] Just to make sure we're all on the same page: a treacle pudding is a steamed sponge pudding made with golden syrup. If you're reading in America, then my understanding is that there's no direct equivalent of golden syrup. Recipes I've found direct you to mix two parts corn syrup two one part molasses, but most of them also recommend you scour your local shops for the proper stuff first.
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When writing up my day out at the Helen Love gig, I noted that something exciting happened. If you are a London gig-goer, I'd love to hear at what point you recognise this story... Or indeed if you don't.

Look! )

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I've been doing some tidying up recently, and trying to sort through a massive stack of unlabelled tapes. Some have been easily dismissed as blank, or not things I recognise as mine. Some turn out to be taped-off-the-radio tapes from the late 80s/early 90s. Which has been fascinating, even as it has confirmed that my early teenage self had flippin' awful taste in music.

The most recent tape appeared to feature me inadvertently leaving the tape recording until it fell off the end, capturing me a fascinating slice of local radio. I think the overal quality of songs actually went up without my curation, despite it taking in Male Stripper. And it includes one of the fabulous "The one you've got to come back for" McEwan's Best Scotch adverts. The cars advertised were G-reg, meaning I can place it as somewhere between 1 August 1989 31 July 1990 (thank you, Wikipedia).

Anyway, I'm on to another one and I thought I'd have a little go at live-blogging it as I listen[**]. I have absolutely no idea what's on it. This may turn out very dull :)

Side A )

Side B )

[**] If you accept "typing it into a text file at the time then forgetting to post it for a few days" as a reasonably definition of 'live-blogging'.
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This idea was stolen from [ profile] ailbhe. What was I doing...

Ten years ago )

Five years ago )

Two year ago )

One year ago )

Yesterday )

Today )

A year in the future )

Five years in the future )
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When writing last week's BAYD post, I did what I always do: put up an mp3 (of Try This At Home) for download. Later on, when I wanted to refer in passing to Reasons Not To Be An Idiot, I just linked to YouTube.

And then I thought: why do I do that? Why don't I just link to YouTube for my BAYD posts? Unless it's something really quite obscure, it'll be there. Do people care that much about downloading an mp3?

And then I thought: er... good question. The answer surprised me. I first started BAYD as a regular thing at the beginning 2005. At that point, YouTube didn't exist.

It wasn't even thought of... )
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So.. I do listen to music released this century, honest. Even this decade. However... somewhere in my head, it's always the 90s.

Carter USM @ Brixton Academy )
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Many years ago, I was chatting to someone at a folk festival.

And he told me a story )

My story is rather shorter )

I feel this is both fabulous, and slightly sad.
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Hmmm. You can take a girl out of the Scouts, but...

Today, as I walked along the corridor, I noticed that the work passcard that hangs around my neck was catching on my belt buckle and making an annoying noise. It doesn't usually do this. Maybe I have on a shorter t-shirt than usual today. I don't need to wear the passcard around my neck (it's not an ID badge, or anything) but it is the easiest way to ensure that I don't lose it.

I figured I'd tie a knot in some of the cord to shorten in, meaning it would no longer catch on my belt. As I ambled along my fingers, with no intervention from my brain, automatically tied the cord into a beautifully correct sheepshank.

Overkill, really.
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Following a brief conversation in my office about whether or not you could get to heaven in a biscuit tin, I have to ask....

[Poll #1853005]
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Well, gosh, it's ages since I've been to the sort of pub-back-room gig where they ask you on the door which band you're here to see. They tallied us on the list as being there for:

Ultrasound @ Bull & Gate, Kentish Town )


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