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Well, that attempt to re-start posting about gigs didn't go very well, did it? Quick catch-up...

Tall Ships @ Bush Hall )

Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls @ The Roundhouse )
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Right, this weekend was wall-to-wall gigs. I'll start and write about them, and then at some point I'm going to go back and cover gigs so far this year. Very briefly, partly in the interests of sanity and partly because my memory is terrible. Probably best avoided if you don't like reading about gigs.

DIY Popfest, Saturday @ The George Tavern )

DIY Popfest, Sunday @ The Shacklewell Arms )

Los Campesinos! @ Koko )
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Note to self: remember that the LJ app is not that reliable at saving drafts. Take 2...

Winter Sprinter @ the Lexington: Leg 4 )

Right. That's the end of the Winter Sprinter. No more gig reviews for at least ten days, promise.
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So, last Wednesday saw me all cold-y and woeful at a gig. On Thursday I worked at home (mostly to preserve my colleagues from the awful sneezing), and by the evening felt much better.

The Mountain Goats @ Shepherds Bush Empire )

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While everyone (ok, on my particular friends list, about two people) have been tackling Clovember, in my world it appears to have been Gigvember.

Reverendand the Makers @ Koko )

And now I am, as I write this, stranded in Hammersmith thanks to a fire alarm at Kings Cross.

Edit Sorry about the spacing issues in this post - apparently LJ has removed the space from before every occurrence of 'and'. Dunno why.
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A couple of weekends back I got a message from [ profile] davefish: he had the Whitby lurgy, and would I care to ensure that his ticket to see Garbage didn't go to waste?

Garbage @ Brixton Academy )

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Blimey. Mr. Heintz is properly reverting to type on this new The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing album, isn't he?

Anyone else going to see The Men... on Saturday?
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Yesterday I had a Mesh album on in the car on the way to work. While in a traffic jam, I idly checked Mesh's website on my phone to see if they had any upcoming gigs. And they have! This Saturday! At The Garage!

If anyone else is excited about this, see you there.

(Disclaimer: it was a handbrake-on, car-in-neutral, not-going-anywhere-anytime-soon kind of traffic jam.)
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So, one of the things I shall be doing in 2015 is keeping on top of my LJ-ing, and remembering to write up gigs and so on. Doubtless you have noticed the deluge of reviews and other entries in the past fortnight.

From a week-and-a-bit ago:

Darren Hayman @ the Lexington )
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When writing up my day out at the Helen Love gig, I noted that something exciting happened. If you are a London gig-goer, I'd love to hear at what point you recognise this story... Or indeed if you don't.

Look! )

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Mostly what I have learned this week is that you lot are much more into jam jars than you are gig reviews. Still, I shall press on :)

Helen Love @ The Lexington )

Getting chilled to the bone on the stupid bus home )
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As mentioned last Friday, I was under a cold. A slightly weird one, as it happened, in that I went from the awful sore-throat-shivery-achey-feverishness of "coming down with a cold" to the tight chest and hacking cough of "getting over a cold" without ever really having the snuffly bit in the middle.

Anyway, despite feeling moderately ghastly, I headed off to a gig on Friday night.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing @ The Garage )

On Saturday, I braved hell and (almost listerally) hight water to get over to [ profile] bateleur's house for a spot of role-playing. (NB. If you're one of the people playing in subsequent versions of this, it's safe to read this as it contains no details of the game.)

Call of Cthulu )

And, to tie the two nicely together, we have TMTTNBBFN performing Margate Fhtagn:

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Last Tuesday I shamelessly bunked off rapper practice, and scooted down the Central Line to Bethnal Green working men's club. I'm not sure I've ever been to a working men's club before, and yet it managed to be somehow familiar. Small, faintly ramshackle, smelling very faintly of damp, and run by a right old motley crew of people.

Upstairs, there was a remarkably opulent red velvet heart backing the stage, and little tables dotted around. I went to the bar. Panic! No handpumps! No, wait, it's OK, there's three distinctive-lookingg grey cardboard boxes on the end of the bar that clearly contain barrels. Armed with a pint, and surprised by the number of people I kept falling over that I knew, I went back to the table. [ profile] markbanang and [ profile] sesquipedality[*] came and joined us and we waited expectantly.

The Indelicates + The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra @ Bethnal Green WMC )

[*] I think. I'm getting surprisingly rusty on LJ handles these days.


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