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Yesterday morning, I attempted to make some scones. I have, historically, not made terribly good scones so thought I'd branch out and try a different recipe.

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This is a very negligible entry, whose principle job is to check out whether the Android app which claims to do DW-posting works at all. If you're reading this, then yay!

I'm also experimenting with images. Yes, this is not an exciting post.

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Ok, ok, I admit it. Over the Christmas period I watched the festive editions of Bake Off, and was once again sucked into thinking "oh, that looks fun".

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A colleague just wandered past with an extremely fancy box of chocolates (agency gift, I think) and offered me one. I chose one that looked like a little tiny barrel.

(There was a legend available, to tell me which was which. But it was very long, and I decided to go for pot luck instead.)

I bit into it... and was extremely surprised to find some sort of liqueur chocolate ganache. That's not right. Little chocolate barrels contain caramel. That is the rule.

Isn't it? Should it be?

I mean, everyone knows salt and vinegar crisps go in blue bags, but Walkers has been openly flouting that for years. Is it reasonable to assume that little chocolate barrels contain caramel, or was I just born in an era where Cadbury's Roses were the height of sophistication?
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The story begins at Day 1. The short version: I ruptured knee ligaments skiing, and am currently mostly sitting on the sofa.

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Due to a shopping mishap yesterday, this house contains a lot of (what I believe to be) oriental garlic. It tastes a lot like wild garlic. Beyond the sorts of things mentioned in Wikipedia's usage notes, does anyone have any particularly good recommendations for uses thereof?
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Saturday started well, with brunch in a local cafe.

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We wombled around the independent record labels' fair in Spitalfields - and bloody hell was it busy. It seemed also to incorporate all of London's independent brewers (beer is very like records) and the place was heaving. And then we moved on...

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Hello! If you are a person with complicated dietary requirements, maybe you can give me some advice.

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While doing something work-related online, I ended up reading this recipe. Which was not work-related.

Anyway, the recipe is for "Spinach, blueberry, almond and blue cheese jar salad". Which seems to be like a regular salad, except you put the ingredients in layers. In a jar. And I thought, err, yes. Pretty. But surely it'd be a right old pain to eat?

Then I scrolled down, and discovered that the page has an entire repertoire of "jar salads". Is putting salad in a jar a Thing now?

Do you eat it out of the jar, or decant onto a plate? Isn't a 1kg Mason jar a rather heavy thing to carry your bait to work in? (Though I concede it might be more environmentally-friendly than a plastic box.) Is a jar salad purely something to be used in some form of office lunch oneupmanship contest, only to be trumped when people begin carrying their packups in shabby-chic'd furniture, or recycled kimonos?

Enquiring minds need to know.
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I asked a question a few days ago: in the context of something you might eat for tea, what is a growler?

Not, despite suggestions, a beer bottle. And I probably couldn't eat a whole iceberg, even a small one. A growler, as [ profile] huskyteer rightly (and firstly) said is a large pork pie.

I'd have said growler was a West Yorkshire term, but my faith was somewhat shaken when [ profile] ar_gemlad didn't know it. Wikipedia thinks it is "a Yorkshire artisan pork pie". Artisan be buggered, it's all about the size in my book. If it isn't big enough to slice and share, it's no growler.

This question was prompted by seeing a stall advertising growlers at Glastonbury. I forget exactly what they were (some form of bacon burger?) but established fairly swiftly that they weren't what I was expecting.

I'm interested to note [ profile] kotturinn's claim that it's any meat pie big enough to be "guaranteed to stop the growlings of a hungry stomach".

I'm distressed to note that [ profile] lnr thinks I've asked this question before!

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Today's daft question: if I told you I'd had a growler for tea yesterday, what would you think I meant?

(Actually, I didn't have a growler yesterday, I had prawn and chili linguini for tea. But the question stands.)

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I promised, a few days ago, that I would do a separate post about the food I ate at Glastonbury. In some ways, this wasn't a great year to do it. Hot weather and a slightly dicey stomach meant I probably ate rather less than usual - in ordinary years, the net effect of being surrounded by amazing food stalls is that I have about five meals a day.

I endeavoured to take a snap of everything I ate, but be warned! They really are snaps. Food photography is hard, and due to feeling like a massive idiot taking photos of my food, I tended to get it over with as quickly as possible. There are also a few where I only remembered half way through a meal, and it's pretty much impossible to make a half-eaten dish look nice.

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A couple of weeks ago, in between a slew of jolly nice 40th birthday parties (others', not mine) I tried to make cheese.

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Most uncharacteristically, I bought some groceries at M&S at the weekend. Among them a packet of green beans. At least, I thought they were green beans. The packaging informs me they are Boston beans.

To me, Boston beans are baked beans. But fair enough, I'm willing to accept they are an obscure variety of the green things. "Especially chosen for their dark green pods", says the label. I am unclear why a dark green pod is a desirable thing. Also they look perfectly average bean-colour to me. Anyway.

Whilst lobbing some into a pan of water last night, I noticed a further bit of text on the packet. "This product must be cooked," it said. "Do not eat raw."


I frequently eat green beans raw. So do many people, but apparently they are mildly toxic. But even Wikipedia can't help me out with how toxic they are to someone with no ongoing digestive/immune issues. ("may be harmful if consumed in excess", you say. Of course they are, that's what excess means. If you suffer no ill effects, it wasn't excess, it was just a lot.)

Today has not been wasted: I have learned something. I don't imagine I'll stop nibbling on the occasional green bean, though.
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The weekend before last, I was seized with a sudden whim to have treacle pudding[*] to follow Sunday dinner. Although I'm sure I've been involved in pudding-making with the mother, I think I mostly did the fancy string-and-greaseproof-paper part at the end rather than actual cooking, so didn't have a favourite recipe.

The BBC is usually a good bet, so I took this recipe as a starting point. The executive summary is: put treacle in pudding bowl, top with 4/4/8 sponge mixture, do the fancy string-and-greaseproof-paper part (instructions in recipe), and steam for a couple of hours. Sorted.

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[*] Just to make sure we're all on the same page: a treacle pudding is a steamed sponge pudding made with golden syrup. If you're reading in America, then my understanding is that there's no direct equivalent of golden syrup. Recipes I've found direct you to mix two parts corn syrup two one part molasses, but most of them also recommend you scour your local shops for the proper stuff first.
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Today, my lunch involves sandwiches containing leftover ham[*] from the weekend's roast.

At the glazing stage, I realised that we had run out of maple syrup. And honey. And mustard. And pretty much anything else any sensible person would use as a glaze.

In the end I used bucksfizz marmalade and some generic creole seasoning. It's come out surprisingly well :)

[*] I went to buy a gammon joint, got excited because there were actually bacon joints available and bought one of them instead, cooked it and now it's ham. Pigs are confusing.


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