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Yesterday morning, I attempted to make some scones. I have, historically, not made terribly good scones so thought I'd branch out and try a different recipe.

Scone but not forgotten )
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In newJob, I am encountering the Djanog web framework for the first time. The biggest problem seems, thus far, to be that I can't type Djanog. This makes API calls fail, makes finding stuff online mildly annoying, and makes me look like an idiot in emails.

Bloody Djanog.
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On them twitters, people often create their own hash tags on the fly, running words together to create #devastatingnewtags.

Last night, I happened to see something go past with the a tag which I read as "cannot bear sed". Well, having had a bit of a run-in with sed recently, I can get behind that.

It was only some time later that I realised that they were probably reporting "cannot be arsed".

[ profile] hjalfi thinks this incident means it's too late for me to resume a normal life :(
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A while back, I tried to comment on a blogspot post using my LJ as OpenID credentials. I got the error message "Your OpenID credentials could not be verified."

Ah well, I thought, never mind. Try again later. However, that's been the result for the past few months whenever I've tried to use LJ as OpenID.

Today I pottered over to read a post on Dreamwidth, and logged in with OpenID successfully. However, although I could see the (locked) post, when I tried to look at the comments it asked me to log in. When I tried to log in, it said "duh, you're already logged in,".

Anyone know what's going on? I've successfully read comments (and indeed posted comments) at Dreamwidth before, and on other blogging places, using LJ for OpenID, but now nothing seems to work any more...

(So to all the people saying of their Dreamwidth accounts "you can comment here using OpenID", er... no, I can't ;)

Update: One of the known issues on the LJ Support page is "OpenID is currently not working with some other services". So I guess I just wait til they fix it...
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I'm quite a fan of Promod for online clothes shopping (although, like most clothing retailers, they sell some ghastly stuff as well).

Today in Promod's 'Romantic Boutique' section I learned that their delicate colours "will sublime my skin".



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