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Are you in Cambridge? Do you like guitar bands? If so, you should absolutely go and see Mammoth Penguins at the Portland Arms on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, the only reference I have for this is on FaceAche:

If you are not in Cambridge but like guitar bands, you could just go and listen to Mammoth Penguins on Soundcloud instead.
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Today, as anyone who wakes up listening to 6music will know, is Wear Your Old Band T-shirt To Work Day.

So I am )

Anyone else?

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Years and years ago I remember to chatting to [ profile] timeplease here (I've never met him in person), and him recommending I visit the Pembury Tavern in Hackney (which I believe he ran/runs/owns/invented). It's very much the wrong side of London, and I never have, until last weekend when we were braving the perils of the East End to go to the Oddbox Weekender in Dalston.

Having failed to really consider what time pubs might open, we arrived at the Pembury just as its shutters were going up. I can now report it has a large array of handpumps selling excellent beer (and some cider, quality untested by me), serves good food from an interesting menu, has lovely graffiti on the walls and has a bar billiards table in quite unusually excellent nick. We drank, ate, and played bar billiards before scampering off to see bands. The posters on the wall advertise that it has a chess club, and [ profile] zenithed tells me it's also board game-friendly. If anyone is in touch with TimePlease, tell him he was right, and it's a bloomin' excellent pub.

The Shacklewell Arms is slightly less excellent, but does have a moderately sized, muralled and only faintly damp "Dance Hall" at the back. And in it, we saw a number of bands which I will memorialise with mild brevity...

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As mentioned, I'm suffering dreadful LJ backlog. One of the things I'm keen to note down for my own future reference is the bands at WGW this year. So...

Anyone interested can watch the "band sampler" released on YouTube before the event here.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

And that's it. April next year is the 21st anniversary, and is a double-length affair featuring four nights of bands. All you lot who don't do that kind of WGW thing any more, why don't you think about it? It'd be nice to see you :)
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I'm going to post about Whitby before I post about holidaying in Northumberland, because there's a greater danger I'll forget who the bands were. Also, this LJ is chronically non-chronological these days. I mean, the dairy-free custard tarts were weeks ago now and I still haven't written about them...

So, to Whitby! )
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And so, to Whitby once more. Because I like a challenge, I left my phone at home and decided instead to rely on serendipity and my psychic powers to find people and, indeed, locate the extremely well-hidden house I was sharing with [ profile] davefish, [ profile] keris, [ profile] ceb and [ profile] damerell.

(This is not true, of course. I left it behind by mistake. I'm not quite sure how far away from London I'd have to be before I decided it wasn't worth going back for my phone, but can provide as a data-point that north of Coventry is too far.)

Friday )

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A quick - and perhaps not very good - game for a Friday afternoon. This is a challenge that (for no very good reason) I set myself last night:

Can you think of a band-name which consists of five or more words?


- You can't count a leading 'the'.
- Names of the form 'N and the Ms' don't count; names containing 'and' are disallowed if it is used to link two concepts together. Four Poofs And A Piano (disappointingly) don't count.
- It must be a real band, with "proper" evidence of its existence. Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead is a bloody marvellous band-name, but I'm not yet 100% convinced that they ever really existed for any purpose other than having a great name.
- Must be the band's usual name. The more bizarre flights of fancy occasionally used by the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band probably don't count.
- Preferably not a descriptive name (eg Royal College of Music Baroque Orchestra). I can't come up with a good rule to cover this, it's... just a bit dull as an answer.
- Probably other constraints which I will make up capriciously on the spur of the moment.

I was surprised to find I could only think of three (though I have come up with a fourth while writing this, although I know nowt about them beyond [ profile] d_floorlandmine liking them...)
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Note to self:

These New Puritans != The New Pornographers.


Stop making that mistake.
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So, on Saturday night I put on my best spotty dress and went out...

Rock 'n' Bowl @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes )
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A question about recently-renamed London venues...

Which do I want to do ? See a band at the HMV Forum (né Kentish Town Forum) on a Saturday night, or see the same band at The Relentless Garage (né The Garage, Islington) on a Sunday night.

I know the Forum is a decent enough venue. On the whole, though, I like small venues, which means the Garage might be a better bet. I'm not actually sure I've ever been to the Garage, though, even before it became Relentless; I've only ever seen bands in the upstairs-at-the-Garage, which was fairly tiny. Is it a nice place to catch a band ?

In other news, the band in question is Einstuerzende Neubauten, are you going to come too ? Although it seems I failed to write it up here, their gig at the Forum was my gig-of-the-year in 2008.

Very observant people will notice that I know the easy keyboard shortcut for e-acute, but do not know a similar easy keyboard shortcut for u-with-umlaut.
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Been to Whitby for the goth weekend again...

Bands )

Cake )

People )
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I popped out of the office earlier to go to Tesco. As I trotted down the stairs, I realised I was wearing an Indelicates' t-shirt, had my work pass-card round my neck on an Einstürzende Neubauten lanyard, and was carrying a Broken Family Band shopping bag.

Sometimes I fear I overdo these things.


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