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2017-07-30 02:10 pm

There's a storm coming

This weekend I'm at Indietracks, which is a jolly exciting festival of indiepop, steam trains, beer and owls.

This year, it also featured the launch of a novel written by the singer from one of the bands. Having had a Mishap with his agent, he's gone down the self-publishing route on Amazon. He's made the Kindle version of the book free to download for the first few days in the hope lots of people will download it and boost him up the rankings.

Because I'm a Luddite, I've ordered a paper copy and thus haven't read it yet. So I can't actually comment on its quality. However, I can guarantee that the author is a jolly nice bloke, who is funny in person. He says the book is (a) short, (b) spell-checked and (c) hopefully amusing. So if you'd like some cost-free sci-fi reading material, grab it from Amazon before Monday evening. You can read the author's blog post about it here.
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2017-07-02 07:20 pm

These are the good times, leave your cares behind

It's time for the annual mega-bulletin from actually-not-at-all-muddy Glastonbury. Food-related reports will appear in a separate post, just for [personal profile] lathany. Photos are on Flickr (though heavily overcast skies mean a lot of rather flat-looking snaps this year...)

If you're not familiar with my Glastonbury write-ups, they're mostly for the reference of my future self. They go on and on.

3 Daft Monkeys

Haven't you always wanted a monkey? )

Andrew Maxwell-Morris, New York Brass Band, Elle & the Pocket Belles, Rusty Shackle, Napalm Death, [Mik Artistic], The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Oh My God! It's the Church

A heavy bassline is my kind of silence )

Hacienda Classical, The Pretenders, Rews, Black Honey, Nothing But Thieves, First Aid Kit, The Young 'Uns, Kris Kristofferson, [Royal Blood], Ride, [Clean Bandit], The Flaming Lips
I know a girl who goes to shows )

The Bootleg Beatles, Afriquoi, British Sea Power, The Egg, Ralph McTell, singer-from-She-Drew-The-Gun, Steve Knightley, Billy Bragg, Kaiser Chiefs, The Avalanches, The National, Father John Misty, The Foo Fighters
You get a tan from standing in the English rain )

She Drew The Gun, [Marsh Fires], [Sound of the Sirens], Noble Jacks, [Cassetteboy], Dropkick Murphys, Beans on Toast, Perhaps Contraption(?) Barry Gibb, Blaenavon, Chic, [Courteeners], London Grammar, [Ed Sheeran], Metronomy
How long until they build a wall and call it a private city? )
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2017-06-19 10:39 am
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Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss

Yesterday morning, I attempted to make some scones. I have, historically, not made terribly good scones so thought I'd branch out and try a different recipe.

Scone but not forgotten )
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2017-06-15 12:41 pm

A pocketful of dreams that just won't do

Today, I am supposed to be reviewing a colleague's pull request[*]. Multiple thousands of lines of Node.js and extremely Promise-heavy Javascript.

I don't really know Javascript. I've never used Node. I haven't done any aysnc programming in about 15 years. So when I say "reviewing", I really mean "learning a bunch of stuff from scratch in the hope of having the least clue what it's all about".

And the worst part? Earwormed by bloody Big Fun :(

[*] A "pull request" is some quantity of new computer code, which someone has submitted for potential inclusion in our Grand Bucket o' Code.
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2017-06-10 11:07 am

Tick, tick, tock it's a quarter to two

Some disjointed thoughts about the UK election )

And on the plus side, at least we can have an election in 7 weeks. America, take note ;)
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2017-06-09 12:08 am

Would you like to swing on a star?

I am - against my better judgement - watching election coverage on the tellybox. Channel 4, to be precise.

And the burning question of the moment: why, in this day and age of modern technology and high-def video, is the audio latency so flippin' appalling? Are channel 4 recording on the moon?
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2017-06-06 07:05 pm

Hi ho hi ho hi ho, we're heading out to the punk rock show

Well, that attempt to re-start posting about gigs didn't go very well, did it? Quick catch-up...

Tall Ships @ Bush Hall )

Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls @ The Roundhouse )
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2017-05-30 06:43 pm

I'll remind you to remind me we said we wouldn't look back.

Note to self: when making salad dressing from a recipe, do not forget halfway through that you are making a half-quantity. Nobody minds double ginger, because really there is no such thing as too much ginger, but double grated raw garlic was a bit much.

Note to self 2: you know perfectly well the kitchen timer is knackered. Don't set it and then wander off, or that quinoa will end up cooked for far too long.

You know, lunch today was actually surprisingly all right, all things considered :)
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2017-05-02 08:30 pm

The beats, yeah, they were coming out the speakers

Right, this weekend was wall-to-wall gigs. I'll start and write about them, and then at some point I'm going to go back and cover gigs so far this year. Very briefly, partly in the interests of sanity and partly because my memory is terrible. Probably best avoided if you don't like reading about gigs.

DIY Popfest, Saturday @ The George Tavern )

DIY Popfest, Sunday @ The Shacklewell Arms )

Los Campesinos! @ Koko )
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2017-04-29 12:29 am

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger or so they say

So yesterday, at a gig, I discovered that my last LJ post tagged "gig" was January 2016. Err... Last year was a weird one, on account of not being able to walk for much of it, but I managed more gigs than that. I think my post-fu has been weak.

So! I'm attempting to lurch back into it. Not least because I won't have the least what bands I've seen otherwise.

So, to Whitby to see the Goths! )
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2017-04-28 11:06 pm

See what it's like to be blue

This is a very negligible entry, whose principle job is to check out whether the Android app which claims to do DW-posting works at all. If you're reading this, then yay!

I'm also experimenting with images. Yes, this is not an exciting post.

Green! )
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2017-04-16 12:27 pm

Following the herd down to Greece


Baa )

tl;dr - will be cross-posting from DreamWidth in the future, don't know which one will end up as my principal platform.
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2017-03-28 01:06 pm

Yo, pretty ladies around the world

Morning, LJ. I've got stuck in that loop where I have buckets of posts I've been intending to make, and thus can't post about anything because I need to sort the backlog out first.

Accordingly, I'm declaring Amnesty On Everything, because I'd like to ask a question :)

I have a lot of Word documents, where I have pasted in text written in a text editor and then edited it in Word. The net effect is that I end up with a mixed bag of "straight" ASCII quote marks and apostrophes, and fancy Unicode left- or right-handed quote marks and apostrophes.

What is the best way of sorting this out?

I expect to continue writing ASCII text documents in my favourite text editor and pasting them into Word, so anything that prevents this situation from arising would also be useful.
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2017-01-09 02:13 pm

I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator.

Having recently spent a little time investigating new cookers, I am curious to know your opinion on the ignition buttons on gas hobs. Your answer is unlikely to affect my cooker-purchasing actions, but having discovered in the pub last night what an unexpectedly polarising question this is, I'm now curious...

[Poll #2060995]
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2017-01-09 01:53 pm
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Ring a bell and I'll salivate- how'd you like that?

Thanks to all those of you who offered advice on my pudding and egg white dilemma last week. Apologies to those whose advice I subsequently ignored :)

I actually went ahead with the crazy winter pavlova idea, and it actually turned out reasonably nice. (At least, I thought it did. And other people said they liked it, though they may have just been polite.) I had some leftovers the day after, and they were definitely at the "leftover" stage, a little soft/soggy for meringue, but not to the point of inedibility. But the pavlova coped fine with being assembled around 6ish and eaten around 9ish.

[ profile] deborahw37 requested a picture, but I'll put it behind a cut in case the rest of you have had quite enough of my culinary excess this month.

Show me the cakey! )

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2017-01-06 02:20 pm

I hear the angels call my name

I have two problems. Well, I have many. But there are two of a culinary nature, on which I hope some kitchenly types might offer advice.

1. Owing to the choux wreath  I have an imperial shitload of leftover eggwhites.
2. I am going to a neighbour for dinner tomorrow[*] and am requested to bring a pudding.

The solution? )

[*] Yeah, a neighbour. Not a friend who lives nearby, an actual neighbour whom I have only met as a result of the geographical proximity in our dwellings. Yeah, in London. No, I didn't think that was allowed either.

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2017-01-06 12:15 am

Place your hands

Ok, ok, I admit it. Over the Christmas period I watched the festive editions of Bake Off, and was once again sucked into thinking "oh, that looks fun".

Shoe Reef )

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2017-01-01 09:53 pm

Don't know the meaning of devotional

Ok, soon I will get round to posting about how awful 2016 was and what I intend to do about 2017 (maybe), but in the interim I'm copying [ profile] ceb's "pay it forward" meme.

Comment here if you would like me to send you A Thing during this year. I won't commit to the nature of The Thing, but it will be intended to be something to make you happy. It may be home-made, and will likely not be high-value

Depending on take-up rate, I might not get through everyone. First come, first served, and I'll promise to do at least six.

Comment if you'd like A Thing, and if possible please post a similar offer on your journal. Also include in your comment if you are averse to surprises and would prefer to negotiate your Thing, or if you would prefer to have a non-tangible thing so that I don't need your address!

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2017-01-01 04:07 pm
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I couldn't have liked it more

New Year's Day, in this house, begins with watching the Vienna Philharmonic's concert on telly and eating a massive picnic breakfast.

Today we postponed the breakfast, largely due to last night's "The Unexpected"-themed party featuring unexpected plates of steak and chips.

But the announcer on the telly casually mentioned Dinner for One.

Dinner For One )

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2016-12-30 02:02 pm

If this is really music, I wouldn't want it in my world

A few weeks ago, ChrisC fell across a list of the Forty best-selling singles of 2016. We read the list with blank little faces, muttering "I haven't heard any of these!"

To be fair, ChrisC did better. He'd heard number 40, Hello by Adele, which he encountered while doing due diligence on the headliners before we went to Glastonbury. I am less diligent. However, I have spent a lot of time this year in gyms, trying to exercise my knees back into working order, and there is some rule that all gyms must show multiple TV channels, all with the sound off, and play terrible radio. Surely I would have heard some of them, even if I couldn't identify them by name.

Testing that... )