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Like everyone else, I've concluded that I don't like the new T&C LiveJournal has imposed. I don't properly understand them (I don't see how the various parts of Federal Act of the Russian Federation No. 149-ФЗ can be applied), and I don't like being told what topics I may or may post about on my own journal. Admittedly, I don't especially want to solicit politically, nor do I really post about LGBTQ issues, but as a kid I wrote Martin Niemöller's most famous words in my commonplace book as a quotation worth remembering.

Like everyone else, a lot of my friends are here on LJ, and not everyone will be moving. I don't like the idea of abandoning LJ. I've had a lot of fun here, and made any number of friends. I also - at least a few years ago - understood the Cyrillic version of LJ to be a popular platform for organising anti-government protest. I'm not sure if it still is, but for those reasons I'd like to try and keep LJ alive.

So (like everyone else) I'm taking the slightly half-hearted route of moving shop to DreamWidth, and continuing to read and cross-post to LJ. If or when I am suspended for violating some mysterious part of Russian Federation law, at least I'll have a route of retreat. If DW becomes the next big thing (vanishingly unlikely, I realise, but as a Facebook refusenik I'm willing to pretend it might be), I'll be there.

I'm not sure yet how this is going to work out, so to those asking whether I prefer to interact with them on DW or LJ: dunno. For reading, to be honest, I suspect I prefer LJ. DW has no significant app support, and their mobile page is pretty crummy - for someone who mostly catches up reading on a phone, in the Underground, this is a big deal.

There's also the issue of paying LJ. I have a paid account (though not a permanent one). I simultaneously don't want to support a company which is working so stifle free LJ, and do want to support a platform that has been a bit of a last bastion of exactly that in Russia. I imagine I will cancel my subscription before it's next up for renewal.

tl;dr - will be cross-posting from DreamWidth in the future, don't know which one will end up as my principal platform.
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